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(CD--#41) Designing 101 Using the Magic Formula -- This narrated Computer CD has 108 slides that will teach you how to chart garments using the Magic Formula, necklines, set-in sleeves, shoulder shaping, re-spacing buttonholes, increases and decreases, alter written patterns, how to change a hand knit pattern to machine knit, blocking knits, and more…. It can be used for designing any knit garment.  If you have a pencil, paper, a tape measure, and a little bit of time you can chart anything you want to knit.  This CD is a must have for any machine knitting or hand knit library!
  • For Windows 95 thru Windows 8
  • Beginner to Advanced Knitter
  • Any Brand or Gauge Knitting Machine
CD #41 - $25.00 (in stock)
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Wrap Sweaters for All Seasons (Book 42) Includes 12 sizes of Wrap Sweaters with Set-in Short, Three-quarter and Long Sleeves.  These may be worn year round.  Wrap sweaters and vests are this season’s hottest trend in terms of comfort, wearability, and versatility. Learn how to knit this stylish sweater and to do numerous trims and embellishments. Keeping these in your closet and “what should I wear?” will never be an issue.
  • Beginner to Advanced Knitter
  • Any Brand of Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

Sizes: Juniors' & Women's 32-54

Book #42 - $15.00 (in stock)


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Learning the Garter Bar with Sandee (CD 43)

This CD Video will teach you how to make "friends" with your Garter Bar!  You will learn speed ripping, cables, seaming, weaving, adjusting the needle stopper, increasing, decreasing, neckline shaping, stacking and holding pieces, turning your work for garter rows, crochet cast on, eyelets, hanging a cut 'n sew neckline, etc., you will wonder how you ever did without it!  This CDVideo will make learning the garter bar so much easier, you will want to watch it time and time again...

  • Beginner to Advanced Knitter
  • Any Garter Bar, Standard Gauge, Mid Gauge or Bulky
  • Plays on any computer with Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player. Download the newest versions for Free at or  
CD Video #43 - $25.00 (in stock)

Easy Year-Round Shrugs and Boleros

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(Book 44) Easy Year-Round Shrugs and Boleros - Includes Shrugs and Boleros in Sizes: Juniors' & Women's 32-54.  Pick from numerous edge variations, tie, or button front, ribbed bands, knit-in fringe, knit-in purchased lace, set-in short, three quarter and long sleeves, etc...  Change colors, use different textures of yarn, just have fun with them and use your imagination. The directions are very easy to follow and they take such a small amount of yarn and time to knit!

  • Beginner to Advanced Knitter
  • Any Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

Book #44 - $15.00 (in stock)

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(Book 45) A Collection of Fun & Easy Items to Knit - Includes Apron with Pockets in Three Sizes (Doll, Child & Adult), Chef Apron Without Pockets, Lined Golf Club Covers, Christmas Tree Skirt, Lace Christmas Angel, Lined Mitten (Childs & Adult), Juniors' and Women's Oversized Cover-up or Nightshirt. The directions are very easy to follow and most take only a small amount of yarn and time to knit!  Designs are not included.

  • Beginner to Advanced Knitter
  • Any Standard Gauge Knitting Machine

Book #45 - $10.00 (in stock)

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